Hello. I'm Rich Hinchcliffe. I'm a digital designer, I work at a small agency in Leeds called FIRST 10, & I spend my days doing 3D visualisations, motion graphics and web design and build for people

The ones that didn't say that just had bad taste. When I'm not doing designy stuff I also try find time to write this blog, rustle up the odd tutorial and make things that some folks might find useful. That's the short version of my day-to-day existence - you can read the verbose and meandering version here, or just take a look at some of the projects I've worked on.

Latest Projects

Infographic: Inbound Marketing Funnel

Did you know that Inbound Marketing could be so funnel shaped? Well, now you do.

Flow-chart Infographic: Inbound Marketing

If you don’t know everything you ever wanted to know about Inbound Marketing after looking at this flow-chart for 60 seconds, just quit and admire the colour pallete or something instead.

Infographic: Marketing Growth Wheel

I’m still not entirely sure what a Growth Wheel it is, but at least I now know what one looks like.

3D globe logo

A miniature 3D world based on an existing logo shape, modelled and rendered in 3D Studio Max. Different areas of the globe (the stadium, the sky-scrapers) represent different areas of the business.

3D Interactive House Illustrations

This is a recent project I’ve been working on alongside Andy Shillito – a 3D illustrated visual of a house and garden to be used in an interactive Flash game.

Prebiotic: How it Works

A short animation produced in After Effects to demonstrate how the client’s probiotic product works

Words unravelling into 3D ribbons

A 13 second 3D motion graphics piece I did for Brass, to bring to life some existing design work from an offline marketing campaign.

Lost & Found: An old (but good) 3D marketing suite render

This is actually a 3D render I did a couple of years ago while I was still working at Ripe[.....]

Lots of Boxes

My entry for GSG 5 second project – Primitives. The idea was to see to what extent I could create a seemingly ‘detailed’ scene using just boxes, no real 3D modelling and really basic lighting.